+Drakensang FX+ Battlegrounds 3v3 Online Tournament
Another Fierce Battle awaits Warriors of Duria!
Eligibility: Must have a DrakensangFX account Characters must be between Levels 41 to 45 Characters registered must come from the same server How to Join: To join Sea... Read more 8 days ago
8 days ago
+Boomz+ Card Festival part II
Don't get lost in the shuffle!
  One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards.     Uprade your card and grab these rewards! Event Period: 26 Nov ~ 28 Nov (GMT +8)  ... Read more 6 minutes ago
6 minutes ago
+Divosaga II FX+ Thanksgiving part III
Turkey Legs or Roasted Turkey? Why not both?
  Turkey Legs or Roasted Turkey? Why not both?   Amber Pack (25 Nov ~ 27 Nov)   Event details: The Amber Pack is on-sale for a limited period... Read more about 6 hours ago
about 6 hours ago
+Divosaga II FX+ November God Revolution Event
Here comes the one of a kind "Feast of the Gods" treat!
  Here comes the one of a kind "Feast of the Gods" treat!    God Revolution ~ Mystery Packs (25 Nov ~ 27 Nov)   Event Details:... Read more about 7 hours ago
about 7 hours ago
+ Crystal Legacy + Amazing Thanksgiving Special Offer!
Top-up 25000 Magic Crystal or more,and you will get this amazi...
Amazing Thanksgiveing Special Offer! 【Event Time】10:00 26 November——23:59 2 December 【Event Server】All servers 【Event Detail】 Offer I During Event Time, Top-up any amount less... Read more about 13 hours ago
about 13 hours ago
+Drakensang FX+ [On Sale] 50% OFF! Dyes, Surprise Boxes and Chests!
Color me surprised!
Are you tired of looking at the same boring color ensemble your avatar is wrapped in? Do you want to get more oomph in PVP battles? Then don't fret! Now is the chance to get Color Dyes, E... Read more 3 days ago
3 days ago
+ Guns and Robots + Zombie Event
A new event awaits starting Monday, 24th of November till Sund...
With Halloween just around the corner, Zombiestein is an event inspired by the zombie phenomenon that will start on Monday, 24th of November and will run till Sunday, 30th of November. One ... Read more 6 days ago
6 days ago
Top-up using GAMEX
Use your Sun, Smart,Talk and Text load to top up!
We’ve made it easier for you to top up! You can now conveniently top up Friendster coins with the use of your Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun cellphone load! All you need is your ... Read more 7 days ago
7 days ago
+Guns And Robots+ Releases New Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
Masthead revealed New Dungeon Themed Arena in Guns and Robots,...
                  Masthead revealed New Dungeon Themed Arena in Guns and Robots, called "Hellfire" As its n... Read more 9 days ago
9 days ago
+ Battle Stations 3 + Clan Event: "Wasteland Warriors"
Clan Members will earn "Clan Points" by taking part in certain...
Event Period: 6 to 30 November 2014   << HOW TO PLAY>> Clan Members will earn "Clan Points" by taking part in certain clan activities. The points... Read more 14 days ago
14 days ago




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